Top Developer TrainStation – Game On Rails

Top Developer TrainStation - Game On Rails

TrainStation is the highest rated locomotive railroad tycoon game on Google Play in 2015. Our Game on Rails is the best and most popular train simulation game representing a beautiful world of trains enjoyed by over 20 million players all over the world. Download now for Free!

Build your own transport empire
Explore the largest collection of steam, diesel, electric and maglev trains, exciting themes, plus tons of achievements and story-based quests. Build your own transport empire and prove yourself as a true railroad tycoon. Experience the most amazing train ride of your life! Among various train games all over the world, TrainStation is considered to be the absolute best by many gamers.


  • Over 1000 locomotives from steam engine legends to hypermodern trains
  • Colourful railway station themes of Western, Orient, San Francisco, London, Berlin,
  • Venice and much more

The game boasts a self-sufficient railroad environment where all trains coexist and operate just like in the real world. Dynamic track-changing and sophisticated path selection systems enable all the AI trains to function smartly without stepping on each others’ paths. Since players will now rely entirely on signaling and track changing switches, the paths they take will be one among an exponential set of possibilities. This means they will find themselves stopping their trains on any of the platforms available at each station.
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