Shivaay full movie free download mp4

shivaay full movie free download mp4

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On December 1, 2016
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A Shivaay is a 2016 Indian action thriller film directed and produced by Ajay Devgan under his banner Ajay Devgn FFilms.Shivaay full movie free download mp4


The film opens with a Himalayan mountaineer, Shivaay,  down a steep and dangerous cliff in the Himalayas. Shivaay lives alone in a small house in the mountains and makes a living by providing treks and climbing expeditions to tourists. Shivaay full movie free download mp4.

He implores her to remain in India with him, but despite her love for Shivaay, Olga does not want the child.. She wants to return to Bulgaria and asks Shivaay to return with her but he cannot adapt to that life. He begs her to give him the child after which he will not stop her.

Shivaay full movie free download mp4 Olga has a beautiful daughter, Gaura, who looks just like her mother, and asks Shivaay to tell the daughter that her mother passed away, and leaves India forever

shivaay full movie free download mp4

Eight years later Shivaay leads a happy life with Gaura in the mountains. There is a turn when Gaura discovers

her mother’s last letter and confronts

Shivaay and insists to  taken to Bulgaria. Shivaay and Gaura arrive in Sofia and begin looking for Olga. Shivaay full movie free download mp4

During this time Shivaay discovers that young children are being traffic through Bulgaria. He saves one young child and this is reported in the press Shivaay full movie free download mp4.

Shivaay requests the Indian embassy for help in tracing Olga and is assig to Anu, an eager young officer at the embassy Shivaay full movie free download mp4

He visits various slums and brothels asking about his daughter and ends up busting open a small flesh trade den and liberating many young children Shivaay full movie free download mp4.

Anu is shock at Shivaay’s rage until her own father explains that they are merely the action of a desperate father. When Shivaay brings one of the saved prostitutes to Anu’s home and asks Anu to help her out, Anu has a complete change of heart and agrees to help Shivaay locate his daughter even if it means going outside legal limits.

Shivaay full movie free download mp4 Shivaay chases the van destroying various cars and causing the unintentional death of a police officer in the process.

He loses the van and is arrested by the Bulgarian police and charged with murder and trafficking. The latter charged is apply because he was never married to Olga and the police therefore refuse to believe that Gaura, who is fair skinned, is his own daughter.

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