Punjab vehicle registration

punjab vehicle registration
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On January 3, 2017
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Punjab vehicle registration When plan to buy Vehicle in Pakistan, then first of all need to verify the Vehicle verification Registration details, just put vehicle registration number and find out all the registration record of vehicle through this app. The detail will help you to save you from theft and wrong ranked vehicles.

First Select Vehicle Registered Province, then put vehicle registration number, then this app will show you the below details.

Show Details of Car, Bus, Trailer, Bike and etc.

Punjab vehicle registration


Registration No : AB 1234
Registration Date : 01-01-2016
Company : ABC
Price : 100,000
Model : 2016
Chassis no : ABC-1234567
Engine No : 3CD-2563246
Owner name : Amjad Ali
Father name : Shah Hussain
Tax Paid Status : Yes
Token paid up to : 05-06-2016
Note: This Application is only for Pakistan (Islamabad, Punjab, KPK and Sindh)
• گاڑی کا تفصیلی رجسٹریشن دیکھیں

• موٹر سائیکل کی تفصیلی رجسٹریشن ریکارڈ دیکھیں

• چوری اور غلط نمبر پر گاڑیوں سے آپ کو بچائے


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