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Force 2 Full Movie

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On November 29, 2016
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Force 2 Full Movie is a 2016 Indian action thrillered film written, and directed by Abhinay Deo which features John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinhain the lead role.[4]It is a sequel  Force 2 Full Movie to the 2011 film Force, and the second installment of Force (film series).[5] Principal photography of the film commencment in August 2015, and the film was released on 18 November 2016.

Force 2 Full Movie

Upon release, the film received mixed to positive reviews and has grossed ₹ 6.6 crore on its first day, becoming John Abraham’s highest opening grosser.

Force 2 Full MovieThe story continues with ACP Yashwardhan ( John Abraham), a mighty and no non-sense police officer who still has a passion of crime fighting despite of losing his wife Maya (Genelia D’Souza) 5 years Force 2 Full Movie ago and having her hallucination in present. He soon receives a news of murder of three R.A.W. agents, one of them was his best friend Harish.

Force 2 Full Movie

Yash suddenly receives the clue from Harish before dying, the clue indicates that someone Force 2 Full Movie like a “SPY” working in Budapest embassy is planning to destroy R.A.W. team.Force 2 Full Movie Yash updates the information to Intelligence bureau director and R.A.W. head Anjan. Anjan suggest Yash to team-up with eastern European in-charge Kamaljeet Kaur( Sonakshi Sinha) to go Budapest. Yash and KK reach to safe house in Budapest but suddenly they escape a blast, at this process he tells her about the same clue (means someone from Budapest embassy is leaking information and location of RAW agents).

Force 2 Full Movie Yash and KK shifted to hotel to find more abouted embassy employees. she finds  suspectt from the database while he investigate alone with  employees who wered included in databased and they have party in club. Yash gets 4th suspect in whom he believes to be real culprit as KK doesn’t believe.

Force 2 Full Movie

4th Suspect is reveale to be Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin), a mastermind terrorist who has a mission to destroy RAW by providing locations and informations of RAW agents to his chinese spies. Yash and KK decides to lure anyone in glass art museum by giving fake mail for chinese spy recruitment. Shiv decodes the location and reaches with 1st suspect. After some investigation KK realizes that Yash was right, Yash go to Shiv home to track him down but Shiv later runs away, KK tries to catch Shiv but gOts knocked by him. They arrest Shiv after a chase and decides to bring him to India at any cost. In every attempt they have to fight Shiv’s men. They’re fail to save another RAW agent in trainstation underground.

In final attempt Shiv gets shoted and got rushed to hospital.He later learns that Shiv is alive then gets taunted and hinted by him. He checkED KK’s  and realizes that tracking chip Force 2 Full Movie was place in it when she was knock.

Yash and KK take help from club dancer Martinez, who is use to help her. He suspects Martinez that she might not help him but in order to get Shiv’s location he accepts offer for having one night stand with her. After having location Yash and KK finds Shiv’s hideout but in chasing thay’re failed to catch Shiv. Shiv Force 2 Full Movie then shifts another location and kills 2 more RAW agents. Yash’s suspection turns true when Martinez is reveale to be working for Shiv.

Force 2 Full Movie

After having another location Yash goes to another Hideout to collect a clue, a clue indicates a real birth date of Shiv. He learns from his colleague living in Mumbai that Shiv was dead 10 years ago and realizes that it was his fake identity. Yash sent whole intelligence bureau team to orphanage at where Shiv was raised and learns that Shiv’s real name is Rudra Pratap Singh, a son of former RAW agent Karan Pratap Singh who has been working for RAW from 30 years, he was disowne by Cabinet minister Brijesh Yadav and Force 2 Full Movie was kill, Rudra’s mother has also commit suicide in this shock.  this process Yash realized that Rudra want revenge not from RAW but from Brijesh. Yash declines from going to Berlin when his suspection was right and goes for Indo-Hungarian summit meeting to hunt down Rudra.

In summit KK is now able to shoot Brijesh but leaves him alive,Force 2 Full Movie  Yash then defeats all Rudra’s men. Rudra kills all men guarding Brijesh but gets stop by KK before shooting Brijesh dead,Rudra tells his real identity to Brijesh and his plan to kill total 17 RAW agents in Hong Kong. Yash confronts and shoots Rudra, Yash then forces Brijesh in the process to remove negative label from all RAW agents and Rudra dies. Brijesh complete the work and gets interview. Maya’s vision tells Yash that KK is his better love then her. This film ends with Yash and KK reunited together happily and watching Brijesh in news. This message shows about unsung heroes or RAW agents who died for saving India.

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