7 Things To Do With Your Old Smartphone

7 Things To Do With Your Old Smartphone

In the event that you have a smaller than usual cell phone exhibition hall concealed in a cabinet someplace, it’s an ideal opportunity to put those telephones to great use. There’s no motivation to clutch the old sections of plastic, glass, and silicon. You’re path happier giving, selling, or repurposing them.

Here’s the manner by which to make those pointless devices somewhat less futile.

Run Cam

Stopping and unplugging, mounting and unmounting can be a torment. So in the event that you have an old cell phone, make it your perpetual dashcam by connecting it to a power source, mounting it and downloading an application like Autoboy Dash Cam.

GPS Tracker

Is it accurate to say that you are the sort of individual that never remembers where you’ve left your vehicle? Or then again perhaps you’re a downer and need to realize that your vehicle hasn’t been taken while you’re away from it. In any case, utilizing an old telephone as a GPS tracker is a modest choice to give you some significant serenity.

Without a doubt, it won’t be on a par with a committed GPS gadget since programming running out of sight will kill the battery quickly, however, you can utilize a versatile charger to make the battery last a couple of days. Ensure you’ve turned on “Discover my iPhone” or explored through your Android gadget’s settings and turned on the following. Hurl the telephone into your trunk or glove compartment and you’re all set!

WiFi Extender

It’s very irritating when that one corner of your home gets no WiFi signal. To fix that, utilization an old cell phone as a WiFi extender. It’s ideal for checking Facebook or filtering through messages, simply don’t hope to download colossal records through this technique.

  • Download the Netshare no-root tying application onto your old gadget, which will be the extender and your present gadget.
  • Open the Netshare application on the primary gadget that will share WiFi and press “share web association.”
  • You’ll be given a gathering SSID and secret phrase for the subsequent gadget, which you’ll use to associate.
  • Acknowledge the VPN blending discourse on the subsequent gadget on the off chance that you get one and you’re set!

Home Security System

You don’t need to drop huge amounts of cash for a straightforward home observing gadget. Simply uncover an old cell phone, energize it, and introduce a home reconnaissance application like Presence, Manything or AtHome Camera.

Simply set up the old camera so it’s pointing toward the territory you’d like to screen and, ideally, keep it connected so you never truly need to disturb it. These applications will send your principle telephone notices when development is identified, so you never need to stress over your home’s wellbeing while you’re away.

Child Monitor

  • To make this stunt conceivable, you’ll need two old cell phones or, ideally, one old one and your present gadget.
  • Download an application like Cloud Baby Monitor, Dormi or Baby Monitor 3G onto both of the gadgets.
  • Ensure that the “infant screen” gadget, which will remain in the little one’s room, has its camera confronting the nursery, close enough to see child, yet far away enough to get the full picture.

Adhere to the guidelines through your application of decision and make certain to set up the security settings so no one but you can see the live stream of your youngster. Ensure your WiFi organize that you’ll be utilizing is a secret word secured.


Selling your old cell phone doesn’t need to be a torment and you don’t need to always screen eBay, any longer, either.

Amazon Trade-In probably won’t get you the most value for your money, particularly on the off chance that you have a more up to date model telephone, yet it’s unquestionably the simplest. You should simply visit the exchange site, look into the brand and model of your telephone, print a free transporting name and pause.

On the off chance that Amazon needs the telephone and you’re alright with the value, at that point you’ll get a moment computerized gift voucher. On the off chance that you don’t care for the arrangement or Amazon dismisses your telephone, it’ll send it back to you at no charge or you can give the telephone for nothing. This is likewise a decent choice for old tablets and even books (in addition to different gadgets, such as gushing sticks, which win you a markdown on new TV sets).


PDAs are truly detonating in junkyards and dump trucks, so don’t be that person who tosses one more gadget into the refuse or the reusing receptacle. Truth is stranger than fiction, you can’t simply hurl it into the blue canister and trust in the best.

Call2Recycle, a national reusing program, appraises that 66% of California’s waste office fires in 2017 were brought about by blasts in old lithium-particle batteries. That is on the grounds that reusing offices don’t have the ability to dismantle the old handsets, so they’re hurled.

You can take the old telephones to a neighborhood Goodwill store, which will, thusly, discover a reusing accomplice that can help. As a rule, these will be outsider organizations that represent considerable authority in gadgets deny, so don’t stress over your information—most places will wipe it before dismantling it.

In the event that there’s a particular reason that you’re enthusiastic about, there’s a decent possibility there’s a going with an association that will take your old telephone and put it to great use. Here is a couple:

  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: The association acknowledges wireless gifts, which at that point reuses through an accomplice association, Cellular Recycler. The Coalition gets a bit of the return raised through repaired phone deals, subsidizing its programming.
  • Secure the Call: This philanthropic helps defenseless individuals without access to crisis benefits by gathering old telephones and afterward dispatching them out to organizations who can redistribute the telephones to senior natives, individuals experiencing aggressive behavior at home and the sky is the limit from there. All PDAs, regardless of whether they’re not initiated on a transporter plan, can call 911 (we as a whole pay month to month expenses as a major aspect of our telephone bill to keep this program alive). To print a transportation name to send in your old telephones, click here.
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers: The national charitable give crisis administrations and sans cost correspondence to fighters through its program, which takes old cell phones and reuses them. Discover a drop-off area here.

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