3D Sniper Assassin : Contract Killer

3D Sniper Assassin : Contract killer

One of the most addictive shooting games “3D Sniper Assassin: Contract Killer” on the App Store! You will love it!

If you want to become a sniper man, It is the only shooter game you want to play! Your mission is to gun down all the terrorists, you must be careful because there are many sharpshooters. Racked down by a sniper glare and kill! While he did not get to you or your comrades! That would kill the sniper you just need to find him and shot with a rifle will follow after the touch of a finger!

Secretly enter enemy ranks as a silent assassin and carefully carry out assassinations and escape. Use your scope to aim at your target and execute headshots. Show expert shooting skills as the enemies will shoot back with their full force. Protect yourself from their shots and eliminate the targets. Use not only a sniper but other weapons like assault rifles and shotgun. It is your job to kill all the criminals and help the police in restoring peace to your city.


  • A huge array of weapons and equipment to use on the battlefield.
  • An advanced weapon upgrade system that lets you maximize your firepower.
  • Realistic weather effects add new challenges to your missions.
  • Upgrade your skills in the Lab to increase your combat effectiveness.

3D Sniper Assassin Mission:

In 3D Sniper Assassin shooting mission, you have to take out the targets who are trying to escape the country in the building. You have to kill them before they board the building. Try to take the headshot so that you don’t have to shoot the second time as the first shot will create a panic and it would be difficult to aim and shoot.

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Are you going to become the sniper master? Let’s find out and get your gun!

This shooting game is 100% free! Addictive Gameplay!
Extremely challenging!

Have Fun!!!
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