Month: February 2017


Bazooka Defence 2017

Bazooka Defence 2017 - Feature Apps Studio
 Bazooka Defence  Battle helicopters, cutting edge F16 flying machines. Commando warrior surviving front line.  End of the world military safeguard chases down big guns tanks, battle helicopters and present day plane contenders in free 3D activity. Make due on forefront of current war. Military protection packs activity with bazooka, rocket launchers and wellbeing packs and radar frameworks. Route frameworks.

Bazooka Defence

Moment activity. Bazooka Rocket launchers. Full on quick activity. Battle Helicopters, Jet Fighters, Metal tanks. Ground to ground , ground to air armed force shooting experience. Try not to let the criminal mafia win this fight.
Take revenge on cutting edge not loosing any desire for radiance. Catch epic wars with present day American armed force. Win this cross flame strike in eastern battle of commando armed force. Forefront American armed force commando in real life.

Bazooka Defence

  • Game Features include
  •  Commando strike
  •  Combat helicopters
  •  Modern jet fighters
  •  State of the art tanks
  •  Blackout War field
  • 10 unique Levels Of Destruction

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Bullet Train – Rail Maze Simulator – Feature Apps Studio

Bullet Train

Bullet Train – Rail Maze Simulator

n this game of rails you are not the conductor. This
time you decide where the tracks go. Already figured out the perfect route?
Trains are running on the tracks. Prove you are the best Driver! This fast-paced brain game seems simple in the beginning. But it gets harder and harder with time, don’t let the locomotives collide!! Test your logistic and memory skill with this game.

Bullet Train

– Several railway stations
– Brain Exercise!
– More challenging puzzles.
– Extremely addictive

Bring the trains to the station they belong (according to their color)
To move a train you can move the lever to switch tracks. And move it forward or reverse with a tap of your finger.
Train models:
– Local shuttles, with the slowest engines
– Interstate locomotives with faster engines
– Express trains with the fastest machinery
Be careful when you see a warning sign.
And be especially cautious not to bump into another train!